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It'sa me, Ariel Lee!

Acadia National Park in 2000 with my dad and brother.

I was born and raised in Edison, NJ and grew up loving road trips as that is the only type of vacation my family could really afford. Deeply middle-class, my mom worked in a school for children with physical and mental disabilities as a wheelchair specialist and my dad was a graphic designer for Barnes and Noble (I basically spent every weekend meal at our local B&N getting that sweet corporate discount at the café).

After working a few years in media and tech, I realized that maybe the "traditional" life route wasn't for me. I had checked all the boxes and fulfilled all the things that were SUPPOSED to make me feel complete, but I still didn't. I felt sad and empty at the end of each day and would just question if this was honestly what life was about. So I was eager to make the leap into something different and vanlife really called to me.

Aaand if I'm being completely honest (to the 5 people that are reading this post), I am really f*ckin' nervous about it all. While we can prepare and read and research as much as possible, Michael and I are electively becoming homeless nomads for a long time... with our crazy ass dog! Are we insane?! Maybe?!? Probably!?! Either way there is a whole lot of world, and we've got a whole lotta time.

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